Why Does it Happen?

If you've ever logged into your Mish account to check the analytics on your newest Story only to find that the data isn't there, the likely culprit is that you've been disconnected. Snapchat is a single-device app--meaning it only allows you to be connected via one source at a time--so if you're logging into your account on your phone, Mish won't be able to record analytics for you until you're reconnected. 

Keep in mind that Mish Guru essentially replicates your Snapchat account being logged in, so once you're reconnected to Mish, you'll be automatically logged out of Snapchat on your phone.

How to Stay Connected

If you're using your phone to Snap from a live event, don't forget that we have the autoforward feature to help you with that! You can set up autoforwarding from your settings page--learn more about that here.

If you must Snap directly from the app, we can still pull data for those Snaps as long as you get reconnected to Mish while they're live on your Story. 

How to Reconnect!

Getting reconnected to Mish can be done easily from your Accounts page, where you can click the "reconnect now" button. The Accounts page is also where you can see the status of each connected social media account to Mish.

My Story Isn't Posting 

If you've got a storyboard scheduled or you're uploading and posting directly from Mish, it's always a safe plan to check your Accounts page to see your reconnection status. If a Snap can't be posted due to your account being disconnected, it will sit in your outbox with an indication that the content is overdue. Once your account is reconnected, the Snap(s) will automatically post within a few minutes.

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