General Feel

A Snapchat™ Story should aim to capture the essence of the event we are broadcasting. We want people not at the event to feel disappointed they aren’t there and we want people who are at the event to feel like they are reliving it the next day. At live events, we aim to tell a single cohesive Snap Story with a beginning, a middle, and an end—so it’s important that the event is covered all the way through, and from multiple angles. We try to create an experience for our followers that’s “better than being there” by getting side-of-stage, backstage, and up-close and personal with artists wherever possible.

Things We've Learned Work Well

Lots of people: People want to see themselves. Sharing Snaps that have lots of people in them is the growth engine for follower count.
Try to keep an eye on the number of times you share content from the same user: We want to spread the love around when choosing Snaps.
Variation: Try not to share too many Snaps from one location (i.e. the mosh pit). Mix it up. If we have people at the event, feel free to touch base and get them to find a new angle.
Behind the scenes content: As above for touching base with the team on site.
Try to capture the general atmosphere: Sense of adventure, community, sunny days, groups of friends, fun events, live music, excitement, creativity.
Snippets from headline attractions: Try to have a look at the set list ahead of time and make sure you get some of the main acts onto the Story.
Famous people talking directly to the audience: It’s just rad.
Try get a good spread of video and still content: Especially with some funny captions/use of emojis.

...And Things That Don't Work So Well

Horizontal Snaps: Try your very best to avoid them unless there is a serious lack of content OR the shot is just too good to not put up
Long Stories (120second +): It’s really tempting to share everything as it comes in. Show restraint and have faith that more and better stuff will keep coming in.
• In saying that, we find that sharing a little more in the beginning tends to help get the account moving.

Content Posting Guidelines


• Frontal nudity/anything bordering on predatory, etc.
• Drunkenness—people looking terrible, vomiting, drinking, slurred speech, etc.
• Drug use/obvious drug references
• Any forms of abuse
• Racial slurring/themes
• Insensitive or offensive material
• Active promotion of drinking (skulling, funnels, shotguns, etc.)
• Damage to property
• Fires
• Excessive swearing—a little bit is ok, use good judgement


• Snaps containing alcohol
• If an alcoholic beverage is in the shot, but not the centre of attention, the Snap should be considered on its merits
• Beer pong. Everyone loves beer pong, and if you can find the shot that makes it look more like a sport than a drinking game, it should be sweet. Otherwise, might pay to steer clear
• Partial Nudity
• Tastefully shot nudity (i.e. isn’t frontal) will be considered on its merits
• Pranks, tricks, etc.
• Political material/themes
• Imagery or audio depicting brands unaffiliated with/in competition with the event

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