Growing a Snapchat following with limited budget and resources can feel like an impossible task, but it’s a crucial step in getting the results you need to make your channel successful in the long term. So if you can’t afford paid media to take your message to the masses, make them come to you instead with our five easy tricks.

1. Start with your Snapcode:  If you don't know what a Snapcode is, check out this explanation before diving in. Download yours here then customise it in your brand's colours. Get your Snapcode on as many assets as possible, e.g.:

  • Swap your Social profile pictures for it and post about your Snapchat account on those networks (make sure all the dots are visible or the code won't scanInstagram's circle profile frame won't work, but you can still share it as a regular post). Wherever possible, add a call-to-action and the account name to make things super clear.

  • Get your Snapcode and username on your website or blog and add it to your email signature.

2. Offer an incentive for people to add the account & boost your chances of success: Include a Snapchat exclusive offer or competition and users will be more likely to add the account. Prizes don’t have to be huge eithera little surprise and delight goes a long way!

3. Do an email outreach: Do you have a subscribers list or upcoming e-mailout happening (for example: event confirmation or correspondence)? It’s easy to turn a regular email into a Snapchat follower outreach, and most of the time it won’t cost you a cent. Consider putting together a quick email with a strong CTA alongside your Snapcode and username to make the message clear.

4. Get Influencers to spread your message on their own channels: If you've got friends or connections with established Snapchat channels, you can leverage these to grow your own account. Get your buddies to do a Snapchat Shout-Out, telling their followers that you're on Snap, too. 


5. Use physical spaces to promote your account: A few quick flyers or posters won’t break the bank, stickers of your Snapcode can be affixed to a lot of existing collateral with little fuss, and word of mouth is about as cost-effective as they come. Get your message out there at key events, or leave advertising collateral in spaces where your dream audience hangs out. Snapchat users open the app around 18 times a day, typically when they’ve got a moment to spare. All you have to do is catch them at the right time with a simple message.

BONUS TIPUse Mish Guru to repost received content & attract even more followers: Reposting follower content creates brand advocacy, turning user Snaps into authentic endorsements and creating FOMO among people who haven't been featured on your Story yet. Repost Snaps from a wide variety of users to broaden your net and keep your Story interesting.

 Remember, one of the biggest barriers to Snapchat success is user discovery, and putting in a bit of time up-front to launch your account drastically increases its chances of getting great results.

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