No matter if you're a university, a music festival, or even a global brand, running a takeover of your Snapchat account is an excellent way to engage your followers. But between Snapchat's single device policy and the commonsense security practice of not handing out your password to every potential brand ambassador, pulling off a successful takeover is generally easier said than done...until now! 


Using Mish Guru's Autoforward feature, you can run a dreamy campaign from a groovy new perspective without compromising your security or missing out on any delicious analytics. We'll walk you through how to set that up and the basics of running a successful takeover. 


Setting Things Up

After recruiting your influencer(s) and arranging the time of the takeover, you will need to collect their personal Snapchat usernames so that they can be added to your autoforward list. They'll need to have interacted with the account before Mish is able to detect them, so ask them to follow the account or send in a Snap first. Once they've done that, navigate to your Accounts page and find your autoforward list. You should now be able to add the account(s) by typing each name and hitting enter, or by selecting from the dropdown. See more about adding users to autoforward here. If their name doesn't appear, that means they either haven't followed your account or haven't sent in a piece of content. They gotta do both. Tell them to do that, wait for the piece of content to show up in your received Snaps, refresh your dashboard, and there they'll be!

You'll want to make sure that the influencer knows that they have been added to the list and that all Snaps that they send directly to the account will now automatically appear on the live Story. ;) All eyes on them!


Mish Tip Top Tip: You can add the user to the list at any time, but we recommend testing to make sure that it worked, removing them, and adding them back right before the scheduled start. This way, you don't end up scrambling to get them added on time, and you also eliminate the risk of them accidentally sending through content that wasn't meant for your Story. 


The Magic of Autoforward

In order for autoforward to work, you'll need to keep in mind a few things: 

This tool functions by first receiving and then republishing the Snap. Knowing that, you'll want to be sure that your account is set up to receive content and that you are connected to Mish during the course of the campaign. 

For the settings, you'll want to be sure that 'Who Can Send Me Snaps' is set to 'Everyone' and 'Capture Incoming Snaps' is enabled. This can also be found on your Accounts page.  

And don't forget that Mish isn't able to pull Snaps sent via chat/memories/camera roll! That means you'll want to be very clear with your campaign runner that they must send fresh Snaps directly to your account. Mmm fresh, organic content. Sounds scrumptious! You can find all of your content, both uploaded and received, under the Content page. There you can select "Uploaded" or "Received" and then create stories directly from there!


Mish Tip Top Tip: Although both Snap and Mish support videos that are longer than 10 seconds, the way Snapchat supports these is by chopping them into 10-second-long clips and posting them. Sometimes these pieces can be beamed out of order, resulting in a scrambly story! Especially if you are doing a multi-person takeover, keep this in mind!

For more on receiving Snaps, check out this handy article.



It may not seem necessary to do, but you should absolutely start the takeover with a snazzy intro. Design a Snap that tells your audience who is taking over and when so folks can get excited--you can even send one out a day or two beforehand! And once you're ready to kick things off, have the influencer create a Snap introducing themselves and their campaign. Your customized intro can serve as a snapsake for them, and for you. :) 


Watch the Magic Happen

Takeovers can take place at an event, as a day in the life, behind the scenes....there are really endless possibilities! As for the content, we say keep it fun, make sure the person running the takeover injects their personality, and keep it Snapchatty (encourage the use of filters and emojis).

Remember that you chose this person to help bring people to your channel, and that people want to see this particular person because of who they are. Do set some general guidelines so that the influencer knows what kind of content you're looking for, but don't overthink it and add so many restrictions that you end up obscuring the influencer's voice and style.


Sign Off

What do you do when your super cool takeover is coming to an end? Just like any Story, don't forget to include your conclusion! This doesn't need to be too involved--a simple "thanks for watching, we're signing off" will do. Speaking of, time for us to sign off this article. Hope the treasure trove of tips will help you keep your campaigns sailing smoothly! 

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