In order to keep your content up to snuff, make sure that all the snaps you upload are in line with the proper specifications. 

Still snaps should be less than 5mb and to the proper dimensions: 1080px by 1920px. The only file type allowed is jpeg.  

Videos should also be less than 5mb, with the dimensions of 376px by 668px. The only file type allowed is an mp4.


Although Mish Guru will still allow you to upload content that is outside of the recommended dimension size, after posting, the snap may appear "warped." You will receive a warning if the file size is larger than 5mb and will not be able to upload the piece of content.

Additionally make sure that if you have to convert any files that you use a file converter and do not simply rename the file extension with the appropriate filetype. We recommend using this free online converter and select the filetype you want to use. 

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