Scavenger hunts are a great way to run a competition among your followers. Although it can be a significant amount of work, Mish enables the easy collection of content so you can keep track of who's what. Everybody wins!


Decide how specific you want your Snapenger hunt™ to be. It can include movies, still photos, filters –– the sky is the limit! Make sure, however, that your list is neither too long (making too much work) or too broad (otherwise it'll be over before it started!). Try to have a theme in mind –– perhaps items related to your Snap account. Universities can easily make use school colors, mottos, and mascots, for example. 


Make sure that "Capture incoming snaps" is enabled, and if you want to get the largest volume of content, make sure to tick "Everyone" for "Who can send me Snaps." Then create some Snaps explaining the rules, the list, the time limit (or if it is simply "whoever fills the list first"), & the prize. We recommend a separate Snap for each. Also include some reminders –– it will be easier for you to keep track of where everyone is if you remind them to include a header, for instance. Also remember that chats and photos sent from camera roll will not be pulled to Mish, so reminding your participants to send you Snaps directly is your best bet! If your Snapenger hunt™ is "whoever accomplishes the list first", also make sure to let your followers know approximately when you'll be tallying the scores each day (or every other day or when you decide).


Fire up those snaps and start checking your content. This is where the real work begins as you'll have to monitor who is filling out the list at a particular time of day.  Once you have a winner, ask the Mish team to enable direct send so you can notify them!

And that's it! Hopefully this article included some nifty tips on how to push out a fun and easy contest for everyone to enjoy –– time for a Snapventure! 

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