In order to go through the Two-Factor Authentication process so Mish can access your Snapchat account, you need to enable it on your Snapchat account; however, enabling to SMS is not always an option for shared accounts. . Fortunately, the app Authy offers users the possibility to authenticate their account from your desktop! 

Follow these steps:

Install Authy either to desktop or use the google chrome extension
Inside of Authy create an Authenticator account for the snapchat account in question. Make sure the token is only 6 digits long.

In Snapchat, go to your settings and head to "Two-Factor Authentication" (sometimes called "Two-Factor Verification") and, select “Use Authenticator Account”; then select “Manually add authenticator account.” and follow the prompts in Authy and Snapchat to ensure that your Snapchat account has a corresponding Authy entry.

Relaunch Authy and leave it open to the selected account. You should see a new authentication code generating every 30 seconds.

Go to the Account Status page on Mish Guru and leave the Authy app open next to it.
Attempt to connect your account on Mish Guru. When the prompt to enter a code appears, make sure to wait until the next code is generated so there is enough time for the code to be processed by our system. (We need around 20 seconds to log in an account, meaning that if a code has less than 25 seconds left before “expiring”, the code will expire before the system can log you in!)

Voila! Your account is verified!

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