So you're ready to post some sweet content to Instagram! Follow these steps and you'll be churning out sizzling stories in no time.

First, navigate to your 'Uploads' page and upload some content. Make sure the content you upload is in line with the appropriate specifications so you don't run into any bumps! You can find the specifications here. (Psst, they are different from our Snapchat posting specifications which you can find here

Once the content has been uploaded, decide how long you want it to last! Click the 'Send' icon to open up your sending options. All still content for instagram is automatically limited to three seconds in length! Videos will be as long as they are set, but can be no bigger than 5mb!

From there, you can either post the piece of content to your story live (immediately) by selecting 'Send Now' and clicking 'Send.' If you'd rather send it to a storyboard, select 'Schedule for later' and then 'create scheduled storyboard.' 

Make sure to name your storyboard and then pick the date and time you with for this story to be posted. Remember that the storyboard builder runs on an AM/PM system and not a 24-hour clock. Finally, confirm your storyboard by clicking 'Create scheduled storyboard' and then selecting 'Schedule.' All content posted to that storyboard will be sent in the order you added it at that exact time.

You can view your scheduled storyboards in your outbox! If you need to cancel a story from being sent, you can click the X in the top right. To view content that you sent to your story live, go to your main Dashboard and notice the red blinking icon.

That's it! If you have any questions, please feel free to shout and we'll make sure you're set for the exciting road ahead! 

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