It’s finally here! Your dream setup to manage your Instagram and Snapchat accounts all from one place. In this article, you’ll get a brief tour of your new dashboard, as well as how to connect your Snapchat’s Mish dashboard to the shiny new dashboard. If you have both a  Snapchat Mish account and a  Instagram Mish account, you should still access your Snapchat Mish account via (until we connect your Snapchat account to the new Mish platform!)–– for using Instagram Mish, you'll want to log into Ok, let’s see what’s new!


  • The menu bar is located on the left-hand side of the page. The menu options are Live, Stories, Account, Outbox, Story Composer, Settings, and Logout. 
  • Just like on the Old Mish, if there is a red pulsing dot in the top right corner of a Story, that indicates that Story is live.
  • Take notice of the dropdown menu at the top of the screen on each page. Once your Snapchat account is connected, you will have the option to select from the dropdown whether to view your Instagram or your Snapchat content. All Instagram content will feature the Instagram logo, all Snapchat content will feature the Snapchat logo. 

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s look around... 

Live: Here’s where you can see what content is currently live on your Story. Unlike on the old dashboard, all the content is already grouped together as Stories. Click on the Story to view the content live on your channel, as well as the metrics as they are unfolding. Please note that the only place where you can check how much time is left on a piece of live content is from this page. If you need to remove a segment from your live Story, just hover over the segment and click on the trash can icon that will appear in the lower right-hand corner. 

Stories: All of your sent Stories live here. You can also view all of your sent content from this page, it is now just grouped by Story. Stories are automatically grouped in batches set live from 3am to 3am. Just like on the old Sent Stories page, you see a short summary of your Story analytics presented with each Story summary. Click on a particular Story to view and play it back, and see the analytics as they develop. You can rename a sent Story by clicking on the title. 

*Note*: We do not yet have the ability to pull Instagram content to the dashboard that was posted natively through the Instagram app. 

Account: Just like the Account Status page, here you can see whether your account is connected to Snapchat, and reconnect if you need to. We do not yet have an Account Status page for Instagram accounts, but as Instagram is not a single device login, it is very rare the you will be disconnected!

Outbox: Again, just like on the old Mish dashboard, you can view the content you are about to post here. You can delete individual segments from the Story by, again, hovering over the segment and clicking on the trashcan icon. You can also delete the whole Story by clicking the “cancel” button at the top right-hand side of the Story frame. 

Story Composer: This is where ALL of your content lives! Whether it’s received content or uploads. 

To upload content, click “Upload” and select from your files. In order to view all of your uploaded content, click “Uploads.” Once your Snapchat Mish account is connected to the new dashboard, you will be able to toggle between viewing your Instagram or Snapchat received content. If you need to delete a piece of content, hover over the segment and click the trashcan icon. 

To add a piece of content to a storyboard –– either to be published immediately or scheduled for later –– hover over the selected segment and click the “+” icon. This will take you to the Story pane where you can adjust the time of posting, storyboard name, length of each segment, publishing date and time, and which platform you wish to post the content to. You can also choose to delete a segment from the Story. Note that you can mix and match content from any source to build your Story!

Settings: Here’s where you can adjust the settings for each of your accounts from one page, or update your Instagram or Snapchat passwords in Mish if you change them. Please double-check that your time zone is correct! The settings available for connected Snapchat accounts are the same as on the old Mish dashboard. Instagram setting options include whether to collect content sent to the account and whether to automatically accept pending message requests. 

And that’s the whirlwind tour! 

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