With the snazzy Story Composer, creating sick stories is easier than ever! 

Simply go to your story composer in your Mish Guru dashboard. There you can see all of your content in one place; first, head to the Content tab.

The Uploads tab shows all content you've uploaded. The Posted tab shows all content you have already posted to that account (To see how you can use the posted feed to schedule content with stickers, go here.)

If you hover over any piece of content uploaded, you will see three icons in the lower right-hand corner of the content: a download icon (cloud), a delete icon (trash can), and an 'add to story' icon (plus icon).

Simply click on the plus icon to begin building a story in the story composer. You can also drag and drop content into the story composer and re-order content within the story composer this way!

Minimize the story composer pane and continue to add content until your story is complete. If you wish to edit the name of the storyboard, you can do that by clicking on the autopopulated storyboard name in the top lefthand side of the story composer. 

Click the calendar icon in the story composer to schedule the storyboard. The default setting is for the storyboard to be publish the story immediately. If you wish to schedule it for another time, select the date and time within the scheduler menu, and click confirm. After you have done so, click "Publish Story." If you are waiting for content to add to the story, you can always save the story by selecting "Save story as draft" and then later going to your drafts, and editing the story from there.

The storyboard will either be published now or will be sent at the time selected. For scheduled storyboards, you can edit the time and storyboard name by going to your Stories, selecting "Scheduled," and finding the story.

Pretty slick, huh? Now get out there and start telling your story!


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