Enabling Two-Factor Authentication is the best way to ensure that there are few disruptions when you are reconnecting or disconnecting from Snapchat. Here is how you can enable it if you can attach a mobile number to your snapchat account. 

Login to Snapchat on a mobile device and head to your account settings. Select “Two-Factor Authentication” (sometimes called Login Verification, depending on the version you’re running) and turn it on to go to SMS (make sure the phone number attached to the account is one that you have access to). 

Once you’ve switched that on, you can either head to your Account Status page and begin the connection process there. Follow the prompts on-screen (but make sure to check the SMS of the phone number you hooked up your Snapchat account to) to enter the code and verify the Mish login. Once the code is entered, connection confirmation should quickly follow 🙌

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