Both Instagram and Snapchat have their own requirements and limitations for supported files. Mish Guru is here to help ensure that the content you upload is runway ready!

File Type:

Images: Instagram and Snapchat allow for .jpeg files to be posted.

Mish Guru will automatically convert .png and .bmp files to .jpeg upon posting, although this process may change the filesize and resolution of the file.

Video: Instagram and Snapchat  allow .mp4 files to be posted. 

Mish Guru will automatically convert .mov, .flv, and .avi files to .mp4 files upon posting, although this process may change the filesize and resolution of the file. 

File Resolution and Aspect Ratio

 The recommended resolution for content for Snapchat and Instagram is 1080p x 1920p. 

Mish Guru will scale content that is not according this aspect ratio to fit it as best as possible, which may result in a frame being added to the content and/or increasing or decreasing the resolution of your files. Aspect ratio will also be adjusted accordingly. The absolute maximum resolution for Mish Guru uploads is 4001p x 4001p.

File Size

The maximum file size for both Instagram is under 80MB and for Snapchat is under 9MB. Mish Guru will accept uploads of files up to 9MB. 

Video Length

The official length restriction for Snapchat is 10 seconds. For Instagram, it is 20 seconds.

Videos posted to Snapchat that are between 11 and 60 seconds long will be automatically processed by Snapchat into 10-second long clips. Instagram also does this, however, it requires an interactive step, meaning that the Mish Guru software cannot  post videos longer than 20 seconds to Instagram. 

The current upload restrictions for Mish Guru in regards to video length is 20 seconds

❗️Videos received via DM on Instagram are not cut into 15-20 second segments, meaning that directly posting videos over 20 seconds from DM will not be posted and will be stuck in your outbox. Remind any users conducting an Instagram takeover via Autoforward to keep their videos to under 20 seconds long to allow for seamless posting.

❗️Videos received via DM on Snapchat that are "long record" are automatically segmented into 10-second long segments before being sent to Mish. 

We are continuously working to expand the types of content we can support and post from Mish Guru, and we will be excited to notify you as more variations are possible!

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