Want to schedule your next Story on Mish but can't figure out how to get Instagram Stickers to work?  Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Create a Mobile Sync Account

Adding sticker content to your posts can still be done via the native Instagram app. In order to avoid having the content go straight out onto your main account we need to create a test account. We call this the 'Mobile Sync Account'.

If you have an existing account you test Stories on, please feel free to use that and skip to Step 2, otherwise, you'll want to create a new Instagram account now.

You can do that by following this link. You'll need to log out of your current account to create a new one.

Step 2: Add that Mobile Sync Account to your Dashboard

Once you have the account created you'll want to add it to your Mish dashboard. You can do this the same as any other account*

* You will not be charged for this account.

Step 3: Adding Stickers to Content

From within the Instagram app, make sure you're logged in as your Mobile Sync Account and then create content and add stickers as your normally would.*

When you're done editing, add it to the Story of the Mobile Sync Account.

*You can find a current list of Stickers that we support on Mish here. We are constantly adding new stickers so please check back frequently. Please note that some stickers do still work when sent into your Mish account via DM and @mentions but the Mobile Sync provides the most comprehensive selection of supported stickers.

Step 4: Schedule Sticker Content

You'll be able to find all of your content you've just created in the Content tab under the "Posted" section of your Mobile Sync Account.

Pro Tip: If your content still hasn't appeared in the posted tab, you can always hit the refresh button to pull it through into Mish on the spot.

You can now use this to compose a Story the same you would with any other content...except,  it will have fully functioning stickers that can be scheduled out! 

We hope you enjoy and as always, please feel free to ask our support team for help if need a hand getting things set up.

Happy Storytelling! 

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