Great Snapchat Art Direction begins with developing a solid understanding of the platform's key features & editing tools.

Vertical Orientation: Make sure you consider the orientation of your shots at the planning phase, and try to keep all shots in a story on the same orientation.

Disappearing Content: Your audience doesn't have long to take it all in, so avoid cramming too much into each frame, and alter the display time on your Snaps (from 1-10 seconds) accordingly.

Minimal Text: Same deal with text - keep it light, and if you need more room for copy, split this across multiple frames.

Stories: Perhaps Snapchat's most distinguishing characteristic is its emphasis on creating a narrative across multiple frames, rather than standalone bits of content.

You can download our Free Snap Creation Templates to make Art Direction for Snap even easier.

Having a simple yet distinctive aesthetic helps set your content apart from other brands, makes Snaps easier to create, and strengthens your Storytelling. One way to go about this exercise is to imagine a continuum with your brand at one end and Snapchat’s features at the other. The sweet spot is in the middle: Recognizably your brand, but distinctively Snapchat, too!

If you're looking for instructions and tips on how to use Snapchat's built-in editing tools, we've covered a few of those tools in more detail in this blog post.

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