Neither a clogged up outbox nor an empty 'Received Snaps' page are a cute look and can make even the coolest cat feel a bit flustered! Before you panic, though, make sure you have checked out these common problems—and never give up hope! 🍀

Problems When Sending Snaps

Make sure that all of your Snaps are runway ready! 💅

Keep still Snaps less than 5mb and to the proper dimensions: 1080px by 1920px. The only file type allowed is jpeg.  

For videos, keep them less than 5mb again, with the dimensions of 376px by 668px. The only file type allowed is an mp4. 

If you need any help converting Snaps, check out this nifty (free!) online converter:

Although you can now upload videos up to 60 seconds long, be aware that Snapchat breaks them up into ten second clips before posting them sequentially. This means any videos you upload from your Mish dash will be sliced and spliced by Snapchat while we're beaming them to your live Story, and that any videos being sent in by users will be split into bite-sized pieces as they're coming into your Mish account.

*Mish Top Tips* 

  • Sometimes, if there are several long videos coming in, Snaps can get a bit scrambled up while they are in the process of being sent to us by Snapchat. That is, one segment can finish processing and be sent to us before or during the process of Snapchat posting videos sent from your Mish dash; keep that in mind if you are posting while Autoforwarding content!
  • Like a tough customer holding up the queue at a bank, one bad Snap will block up your whole outbox. If you delete the first Snap that's stuck in your lineup, all the overdue Snaps will run free as soon as your account next updates...but if that first Snap is really important for introducing the Story, you'll want to consider that before cutting out the infection, so to speak. Set the scalpel aside and try manually pushing the Snap out from your uploads first—if it goes live without issue, you can safely cancel that Snap from your outbox to lift the block and let the others roll out to keep your Story moving. Yay!

Problems When Receiving Snaps

First, there are some settings you should check to ensure that your account can receive Snaps from followers and accounts that you've set up to Autoforward. Head to your Accounts page, select your Snapchat account, scroll down to "Account Settings"  and make sure that you have 'Capture Incoming Snaps' checked, and that 'Who Can Send Me Snaps' is set to 'Everyone'. 

Opening up the 'Who Can Send Me Snaps' setting will allow you to receive Snaps from all accounts, whether or not you are friends on Snapchat. We also recommend setting 'Who Can View My Story' to 'Everyone' so that anyone can follow your story or participate in your competition.

Stay on the marked pathways, please! 🎢

Double check that your campaign runners or potential UGC contributors are sending live Snaps directly to your account, and not from their camera roll/memories or through chat. More often than not, this is the cause of Snaps not being received, so it's always a good idea to make sure everyone involved understands these guidelines. 

*Mish Top Tip*

  • Especially with the new Snapchat layout, people can easily send in a Snap by chat rather than via message. If you notice a total absence of content (or you know a Snap should be showing up and it's not), make sure to check and ensure that they are not sent via chat! If you're logged into Snapchat and you spy some super fly content being sent in by chat that you want to repost, go ahead and manually capture that content and then upload it to your Mish dash. 

If you are logged into Snapchat on your phone and actively receiving Snaps that you may want to repost later using Mish, DO NOT view the Snaps on your phone as they come in. Doing so will cause the Snaps to disappear before Mish can store them. All of your received Snaps should save to your account within ten minutes of reconnecting.

Let's make a connection 💥

Mish Guru can only update while your account is connected. We recommend that you hold off logging in on your phone altogether during campaigns, but if you gotta (maybe to check your chats!), be sure to reconnect your account afterwards from the Accounts page.

Keep an eye on the clock!  

Mish refires and displays updated data every ten minutes. If you're positive that your settings are correct and the sending guidelines were followed, the Snaps should come in within ten minutes.

And there you go! These are the most common problems that are encountered when people are trying to send out and receive content. Keeping these tips and recommendations in mind will help you maintain the smoothest of Storytelling. If you have already double-checked all of these issues and Snaps still aren't sending or receiving, give us a shout and we'll investigate! 📣 

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